This Mental Health Month, we at BEING – Mental Health Consumers want to connect with as many mental health consumers as possible, via social media, email, video and a series of online events. Throughout the month, we’ll be amplifying the voice of lived experience as we tackle some important discussions around mental health and human rights. We will be hosting a series of free webinars every Thursday during Mental Health Month, with an exciting panel of guest speakers.

We invite you to get involved in our campaign and help raise awareness about the need to reclaim our rights when it comes to mental health. To ensure the voices of people who live with mental health issues are heard, we ask you to spread the word about our #ReclaimingOurRights campaign this Mental Health Month.

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7 October

Reclaiming Our Rights – Consumers and Survivors Driving Change

Join self-proclaimed “Chief Non-Conformist”, Robyn Priest, as we kick off our series of weekly webinars for Mental Health Month. Internationally renowned as a mental health advocate and one of the premier experts on peer support, Robyn will share her thoughts on human rights in mental health and social services, the importance of peer work as agents of change, and her own journey as a leader of advocating for her own and others human rights. 

14 October

Reclaiming Our Rights – Human Rights through Advocacy

This week’s webinar will explore advocacy in action. We’ll look at why it is so important for consumers to be involved in system reform, and how consumers can be part of changing the system. Our panelists will share some of their own experience in consumer/survivor advocacy, and share with you tips for pathways to become involved in advocacy.

21 October

Reclaiming Our Rights – Human Rights through Peer Work

How can peer workers help support individuals’ human rights when it comes to mental health?

This week’s webinar will explore the role of peer workers in advocating for consumer/survivor rights. Our panel of peer workers will discuss how peer work can uphold human rights, their involvement work in this space, and inspire current and future peer workers in how best to work in mental health when you are working from a rights-based perspective.

28 October

Reclaiming Our Rights – Human Rights through Consumer Research

What role can consumer research play when it comes to human rights?

Tune in as our panelists discuss some of the current trends in consumer research and how they lead and influence change from a rights-based perspective. They will inspire through their thought-provoking lens how research may create the ‘perfect’ mental health system.








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